KONNWEI® KW360 Mercedes-Benz Specific

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 KW360 Mercedes Benz Diagnostic scanner , It is able to shut down the engine, automatic transmission, ABS Brake and SRS airbag, transmission,warning light,engine ,  Oil Reset, TP Position Check, Brake Pad Reset, power, classis, vehicles body information, air conditioner and others system.etc.

The KW360 OBDII Scanner Supports All 12V Gasoline And Diesel Vehicles  /Hybrid Electric Vehicles with OBD2 EOB Protocol. It is a Enhanced OBDII scanner that can read and erase the trouble codes that can cause emission problems with your vehicle, turn off the MIL (check your car engine) and I/M readiness , read data stream, vehicle identification Info (VIN, CIN, CVN). Built in a DTC lookup library you can find the related code definitions to help you determine if your car needs repair, save you time and money.

 In a conclusion : KW360 not only is a full system scanner for Mercedes Benz series car , but also a engine scanner for most 12V cars from asia europe and america with obd2 protocol.


Mainly Special Function of KW360 Car Full system diagnostic scanner  for Mercedes Benz.


Read & Clear Fault Code

Safety Airbag


TPS & Oil Reset

Brake Pad Replacement

Battery Match